Our Approach


Trained Life Consultants lead boys, ages 12-18, through a structured course of life lessons.  They learn the power of speech, appropriate dress, conflict resolution as well as interview skills, staying in school and how to manage money.

Educational Enrichment Functions

The young men attend City Council meetings and cultural events.  They also volunteer in charitable outreach to enrich their undestanding of life and to test the messages being imparted to them.  The boys are challenged to "see for themselves" the practicality of Gentlemen's Society lessons.  By broadening their experiences, we attempt to change their mind-set and impact their lives and future.

Community Involvement

Members of the community (businessmen, celebrities and politicians) volunteer to speak with and encourage our participants.  These stories of self-made men inspire the boys and demonstrate how many people truly care about seeing them move beyond survival into success.

Compassion and Dedication

The intense involvement of the Life Consultant is the glue that binds the program. The Life Consultant not only leads the curriculum, they become individually involved in the boys' lives, getting to know their family and personal struggles.  These men have calmed gang confrontations, brought food to distraught families, provided transportation, conducted individual counseling, and much more.  They are charged with helping the boys find their unique, individual talents and strengths.  Their man-to-man approach