The Gentlemen's Society is a non-profit organization that depends on the support of the community.  If you are unable to give of your time and talents, please consider giving a little of your treasure to a young man who needs a lift up from a friend.

If you would rather mail in a donation, please complete the attached form

Bronze Level Donation

At the Bronze Level this introduces a young man to government by transporting him in a limo to a city council meeting, and hearing from our community leaders.


Silver Level Donation

The Silver Level pays for a class of up to 20 boys to experience a Gentlemen’s Society course


Gold Level Donation

The Gold Level funds an entire year of educational enrichment functions including visits to cultural events, a homeless shelter, lessons in etiquette and dining, meetings with successful businessmen, quality of life experiences, and teamwork building events


Platinum Level Donation

The Platinum Level sponsors a young man for an entire year, and equips him for his entire life.