How much does it cost to participate?

 There is never a cost to any of our participants. Private donors pay for the $1000 cost associated with the ten month curriculum.


Where are your programs hosted

Churches, public venues (such as libraries), and schools.


Are the programs only in Tarrant County?

Gentlemen’s Society plans on expanding our outreach throughout DFW, Texas, and eventually the nation, but it is our commitment to the boys that each individual site is launched with integrity. Our impact on young men in powerful and permanent, we will not sacrifice that for quick growth.


Do you have a girls program?

Not at this time. Please visit our links page for information on local resources for young women. Gentlemen’s Society was written in reaction to the frightening and accelerating tragedies seen in America’s male youth. Men have a significant impact on their peers, families, girlfriends, schools, and communities and we firmly believe that empowering boys to be men of character will create a ripple effect throughout all of their circles of influence.


How often are the meetings?

The boys meet with their Life Consultant in a group setting for 1 hour each week and attend approximately two EEF’s per month 

Can mom's attend the meetings?

No. Boys act differently in front of their parents and in front of women. The classes are a place of trust and a place to explore their own minds and hearts. Parents are invited and STONGLY encouraged to attend the kick-off of their son’s site to hear more about this. We are also developing a Parent Success initiative and there are numerous other outings for families to attend.


Is there a difference between a GS Member and a GS Participant?

Yes, a GS member is a young man who has successfully completed the initial curriculum as well as demonstrated in his person that he lives the lessons imparted to him. There is a point system for participants to track their attendance and success. Once they acquire the correct number of points, he will attend a graduation ceremony where he and others from his class will cross over into full membership and move on to more advanced levels of leadership, entrepreneur development, and service. We ask the young men to earn their way, because that is life. In life you must earn money, earn respect, and earn trust… The points give the boys proof of their growth, as well as something concrete to be proud of and aspire to. We are teaching them to be real men; real men do not cower from a challenge or a goal.


How Can I Help?

We need funding in order to expand our outreach to more young men. We need transportation during EEF’s and to get the boys to their sites on occasion. We love people who believe in giving of their time and we have many areas internally which would benefit from your special set of strengths and skills. Men can train to get involved as mentors or Life Consultants. We are always looking for in-kind donations of tickets to entertainment venues, restaurants, and cultural events to support our EEF initiatives. We partner with other organizations for our locations. We also ask you to pass the word on about our work and organization. Please contact us for more information.


How can I get GS at my son's school, church or community?

Send an email to stating who you are and where you are requesting a site.  You will be contacted by a GS staff member within 24 hours.